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National Chiao Tung University

            Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineering

                    Academic Requirements for Doctoral Degree Program

Applicable only to students admitted during the 2012-2013 academic year


1. Admission

1.1    According to Article 5 of the “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” published by the Ministry of Education and the “Foreign Student Admission Procedure” of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), only the students, who are not citizens of the Republic of China and do not possess the legal status of over­seas Chinese, are eligible to apply as international students.

1.2    International students who have earned or will earn a master’s degree at accredited universities in Taiwan or other countries are eligible to be considered for admission to the Doctoral Programs offered by NCTU


2. Study Duration Limitation

All students are required to complete the program within 2 to 7 years. Part-time students may extend this limit to 8 years. For students who choose to pursue a doctoral degree directly, the duration started with the time when he/she first started the doctoral program.


3. Course Selection  

3.1     A.     First and second year doctoral students must select their courses under the supervision of their advisors and the director of the institute. First year to third year doctoral students must select Seminar course and Academic Dissertation Research course for every semester. In additional to Seminars and Academic Dissertation Research, all students must complete 21 credits from courses that are approved by their advisors before graduation. Of the 21 credits, 12 credits must be from courses offered by Institute of ECE. International students can take English Seminar course from EECS international graduate program. 

B.      Core courses: 9 credits must consist of core courses offered by Institute of ECE (as listed in attachment). International student can take courses from other departments as their core courses under the agreement from the advisor.

C.      The student can take elective courses (with reasons, ex: The course that ECE Department has offered but timetable is conflict) from other departments under the agreement from advisor and director of the Institute.

D.     The student select interschool courses only at NTU and NTHU (excluding courses during summer vacation) and under the agreement from advisor and director of the Institute.

E.     The courses that cannot followed the above requirements is not counted as the credits required for graduation.

3.2  A student who pursues a doctoral degree directly shall complete a minimum of 36 credits of which 24 credits are earned from the curriculums of this department’s graduate school.

3.3    All doctoral students must pass English proficiency test offered by the College of ECE.

3.4    Exemption of credits:

A.       All doctoral students are eligible for credit exemption, the credits exempted cannot exceed 1/2 of the credits required for graduation. Seminar is not eligible for credit exemption.

B.       A student who graduated from the master’s program must submit the application for credit exemption to the curriculum committee within a week of the first semester of the doctoral program with the grade and syllabus of the courses for exemption.

C.       Credits from required courses of the Master’s program are not eligible for exemption.

D.       Credit earned from a duplicate course can not be counted toward graduation requirements.

E.       The course that is applied for credit exemption should be taken within 5 years and the grade should be above 70.


4. Dissertation Advisor

4.1.     A student must choose a dissertation advisor and submit the Dissertation Advisor Agreement Form within two weeks after passing the first qualification exam.

4.2.     A doctoral student must select a dissertation advisor from full-time faculties in the department.

4.3.     If a student desires to invite an expert outside of the department as a joint advisor, an application must be submitted and approved by the Academic Committee of the department.

4.4.     To change advisor, a student must obtain permissions from the original advisor and the new advisor. And the application for change of an advisor must be made at least one year before graduation.

4.5.     A student should provide the Academic Committee with a recommendation letter from the advisor when applies for the joint advisor.


5. Qualification Exam

5.1.  Time limit

A.       A Ph.D. student is eligible to take the qualification examinations after the enrollment of second academic year. At least three subjects should be taken for each qualification examination.

B.       Students who cannot take the qualification examinations in time should notify the Graduate Committee of the department in advance. And the request for deferred qualification examination will only be approved if it is justified with compelling reasons.

C.       Qualification exams are held on January and July.

D.       Course grade wavier for qualification exam is limited to doctoral-level course that is within 5 years after the course is taken.

E.       Students need to re-take the qualification examinations after admission if student was expelled from school because failing the qualification examinations.

F.        For international students taking qualification exam, two courses have to be selected from required courses. The third course is elective but has to be from the graduate-level courses in Institute of ECE with 3 credits. The same regulations apply for course waiver.

5.2.  Test Subjects and Regulations for Course Waiver

A.       The three subjects of qualification exams for each group shall be chosen from courses listed below.

B.       A Students who select the above courses from the department’s

graduate-level curriculum and earns a grade that is in the first 30% of the class (minimum 10 students in the class) may apply to waiver that subject from the qualification exam and earns 2 points.

C.       A subject course which has been waived cannot be selected for qualification exam.

5.3.  Students are eligible to exempt their qualification exams by doubling the number of publication points that is required for graduation, including to publish a two-publication-point paper as first author (excluding advisor) within six semesters and pass two core courses and one elective course

A.       Application for this alternative should be submitted before the first qualification exam.

B.       Once this scheme was selected, the requirement of passing qualification exams shall not be transferred back to the scheme described in 5.1 and 5.2.

5.4.  Exam Coverage:

The books covered by the qualification exam are based on the text books used for the class for prior two years. The information for the qualification exam on the following year will be announced on September each year. A student who fails two qualification exams will be forced to drop out.


6. Oral Defense Requirements

A.    Any doctoral student who meets the following criteria shall become a candidate for doctoral degree,

I.     Satisfies required courses for doctoral degree.

II.   Passes qualification exam.

III. Studies for a minimum of 3 semesters.

B.    A doctoral degree candidate who passes the oral defense by the oral defense committee will be conferred a doctor’s degree by the University.


A doctoral student who completes the required credits, pass the qualification exam and satisfies the requirements for oral defense may apply for the oral defense on the recommendation of his/her advisor. A doctor’s degree will be conferred upon passing the oral defense. The grade for the oral defense will not be accepted if a student does not complete required courses in the same semester.


6.1 Journal Publication Requirements for Oral Defense

A.       Total publication points exceed 4 points. The publication contains journal paperbooktop international conference paper, patent, and copyright.

B.       Academic Papers classified into three categories

I.          Highly recommended (category A): 3 points for regular paper and 2 points for short paper

II.        Recommended (category B): 2 points for regular paper and 1 point for short paper

III.      Journal with Audit (category C): 1 point for regular paper

C.       Such as research for the book publishing, publishing status and degree of influence required to describe and its assessment approved by the ECE department. Total point on this part is 1 point only.

D.       Total point calculated by top international conference paper, patent, and copyright is 1 point only. Its assessment approved by the ECE department

E.       Publication points need to include one regular paper on category A or B

F.        For a collaborative work (except the advisor), points credited to the student will be calculated in accordance to the following rules:

For more than two authors, the first author receives 70%

and the second one receives 50%.

Three or more authors, the first author receives 60%, the

second one receives 30% and the third one receives 30%.

No point for the fourth author on.


6.2 Oral Defense includes dissertation exam and review.


6.3 A doctoral degree candidate who applies internal preliminary review on the dissertation must include:

A.       Member list of the oral defense committee. The qualification for the member of the oral defense committee shall comply to the rules set forth in “The Procedures for Conferring a Degree.”

B.       A original copy of the advisor’s recommendation letter.

C.       Abstract of the dissertation.

D.       The resume for the candidate including date of birth, summary of the academic experiences, title of the dissertation and authors.

E.       List of publications.

F.        Transcripts for each year in the program.

G.      Copies of the journals containing the paper by the candidate.

H.       Photocopies of the acceptance letters from each journal.

I.          Preliminary copy of the dissertation.

J.        Checklist for oral defense application from the department of Electrical and Control Engineering.


The application for oral defense must be submitted one month prior to the date of the defense. The above list of documents shall be forwarded to the assistants of the department and reviewed by graduate school committee. A date for the oral defense will be arranged once the application is approved by the committee. Once the date is determined, the committee will announce the date, location and title of the dissertation for student and faculty members to participate in the presentation.


6.54 Early graduation

A doctor degree candidate with less than 3 years in the program who exhibits outstanding academic performance such as the quality and quantity of published papers may apply for early graduation to the committee of the graduate school.


7. Oral Defense Committee

The Oral defense committee for a doctoral degree candidate shall be made up of 5 to 9 members either from the faculty of the school or outside experts who specialize in the subject of the dissertation and meet the following criteria. The committee must consist of 1/3 internal and 1/3 external members.

A.       Being a current or past professor of a university.

B.       A member or research fellow of the Academia Sinica.

C.       Being a current or past associate professor of a university or an associate research follow at Academia Sinica with outstanding academic achievements.

D.       Possesses a doctoral degree with outstanding academic achievements.

E.       An expert in a rare or specialized fields with outstanding academic or professional achievements.

The acceptance criteria for item 3 to 5 are subject to the determination of the Committee. The spouse or category 3 relatives are not eligible for the member if the candidate’s oral defense committee.


8. Oral Defense

The oral defense shall be conducted orally, if necessary, a written exam as well. The defense shall be conducted according to the following,

1.          The oral defense shall be held publicly with pre-announced date,

time and title of the dissertation. The preliminary copy of the dissertation will be put on display at the department office for 10 days.

2.          Every member of the oral defense committee shall attend in

person, no representative is allowed. There shall be a minimum of 5 members attending the meeting.

3.          The chancellor will appoint a chairman for the defense

committee. The candidate’s advisor is not eligible for this appointment.

4.          The passing grade for the oral defense is 70 out of 100

points. All members of the committee will grade the defense once and the result is the average of the grades given. If there is 1/3 of the members fails the candidate, then no averaging of the grade is done and the candidate fails the defense. A student can apply for a repeat oral defense within the study time limitation for the program. A study who failed the second oral defense will be forced to drop out.

5.          If the committee finds evidence of plagiarism in the dissertation,

the candidate will be failed.


9. Dissertation Review

A student who passes the oral defense will receive comments and suggestion for revision as guidelines for the revision of the dissertation from the committee. Once the dissertation is revised, it shall be reviewed by the committee. The dissertation is considered passed if a minimum of 2/3 of the committee agree with the revision. Once the dissertation is passed, the committee will sign the “Oral Defense Committee Review Form” and the oral grade of the oral defense is final.


10. Oral defense review form

A student who passes the oral defense before the 31st of January or July shall submit the “Oral Defense Committee Review Form” to the department within two weeks of the following semester. Otherwise, the student is required to register for the following semester. If the form is not submitted within the study time limitation, the student is deemed failing the oral defense and will be forces to drop out.


11. Graduation

11.1  For a student who passes the oral defense and has submitted the “Oral Defense Committee Review Form”, other than the necessities for studying educational curriculum, all department shall submit photo copies of the grade for the oral defense and the oral defense review form to the registrar for filing. The graduating semester is the semester that both grade and review form is submitted and filed. A student will be considered graduated if he/she does not complete the exit procedures before the graduation semester.

11.2  Students should write a dissertation in Chinese/English in conformance to the NCTU Dissertation Format. The dissertation should include an abstract written in English and a translation of the abstract written in Chinese. Students must post the abstract of their dissertation on the website in accordance with the National Library Requirements and submit four copies of their dissertation within one month of passing the oral defense to the following parties:

A.    one to DCE

B.    one to the NCTU Library

C.   two to the collection units as instructed by the Ministry of Education


12. Leave of Absence

A student may apply for leaves of absence from the department. The leaves must be approved by the advisor of the student and the director of the department. The leaves may last one or more semester(s) or academic year(s). The total duration of leaves is normally limited to four semesters or two academic years. Extended leaves of absence that last more than two academic years will be approved only if the student suffers from a serious chronic illness, and the diagnosis is certified by a public hospital. The application of extended leaves of absence must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.




1.  The rules and regulations stated in this document shall be administered after they are approved by Committee of Institute Affairs, and the University Academic Office. Any revision to this guideline must follow the same procedures.

2.  Any regulation not mentioned above should be processed according to the related rules of NCTU.

3.  If any discrepancy exists between the English texts and the Chinese texts of the academic regulations, the Chinese texts prevail.